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Europes Europes Highest performance Multifoil insulation for Roofs, Walls & Floors delivered to your door fast*

EcoQuilt MultiFoil Insulation Blanket Equiv. to 120mm Fibre

I used EcoQuilt Expert for my Roof space in our holiday home in France, the results were unbelieveable, the drafts and cold air dissappeared, creating a loft space pleasant enough to work in!

Mr T Mason, Kent

EcoQuilt is our best selling Multifoil Insulation solution for both D.I.Y and the professional building trade looking for maximum performance at least cost.

*EcoQuilt Expert been upgraded to the NEW 2013 EcoQuilt Expert making it the Highest Performance Multifoil Insulation blanket in Europe when measured in Performance against Cost. If your project is going through Building Control we recommend using our alternative solution SuperQuilt. To Order SuperQuilt click here

We supply EcoQuilt at less than £6 a square metre * we guarantee you will not buy a quality multifoil with an R value of more than 2.0 for for less. Energy payback time is fast, very fast - especially in the Roofs, Walls, Floors and Ceilings of older properties where most UK homes are still drastically under insulated.

Watch the online video to see "How to" Insulate Lofts, Roof, Walls and floors with EcoQuilt. EcoQuilt is quick, Clean and easy to fit and safe unlike traditional nasty fibre insulation products. In a loft EcoQuilt is fitted to the Roof rafters leaving vauable loft floor space clear for storage or accomodation. You can download "How to" guides from the bottom of this page

EcoQuilt Expert works as a total Insulation blanket preventing warm air from leaving a property and reflecting the heat back in to the home. EcoQuilt Expert is also recommended for Conservatory Roofs to keep more heat in Winter and importantly, reflect unwanted heat out in Summer. EcoQuilt is designed to Garden Buildings, Cellar and Garage Conversions as well as hundreds of other projects where a total thermal insulation break is required.

One roll of EcoQuilt Expert Insulation is 1500mm x 10M - covering 15 square metres.
We recommend one roll of 50M x 75mm Thermoseal foil joining tape for every two 15m2 rolls of Ecoquilt. We also supply a staple gun with 2,000 staples designed to fit all our insulation solutions at £16.96 Plus Vat.

Covers Area of:15 square metres
EcoQuilt Expert roll: £89.95 
Foil Joining Tape

Foil 75mm x 50 Metre Foil tape for Superquilt and Airtec

Staple Gun with 2,000 Staples

Staple gun for even faster fitting of Superquilt and Airtec

YBS Superquilt reflective Insulation
YBS SuperQuilt Reflective Insulation 1.2m x 10m

Perfect rolls of 12m2 SuperQuilt. Top solution for keeping heat in the home.

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